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About us

Kandu (Pty) Ltd is based in KwaZuluNatal, South Africa and provides data management technology to NGOs and other organisations with field survey and reporting requirements on an affordable platform-as-a-service basis.

Kandu was conceptualised as a solution for managing rural subsistence and micro-scale farmers being mentored by NGOs, and it quickly became apparent that the agile and flexible architecture allows us to use the platform as a long term social development tool.

The DMP - Data Management Platform - is comprised of 4 components:

  • a fully customisable data capture platform
  • https secure database storage
  • a fully customisable reporting engine
  • friendly and responsive technical staff

Using the Kandu Data Management Platform (DMP), it is possible to conduct surveys and capture a variety of data, including GPS, photographs, free text, singleselect or multiselect choices and many more, directly to an enterprise grade relational database, from any android smart phone or tablet. Once the data is being captured, reporting will become available on the client dashboard and databoard.

In addition to the Data Management Platform, Kandu offers database design and data management consulting, as well as ongoing training and support for end users.

Forms are entirely customisable, allowing you to ask any question that would retrieve the right data. Forms are accessible through the Kandu Android app, or via secure https on any web browser. Forms can also be made editable for completion at a later time, if all data was not captured the first time round.

No network, no problem. The Android app is designed to save forms offline, to the device, for upload later when there is signal or WiFi.

  • Kandu app forms menu screen
  • Kandu app home
  • Kandu app sample form

Kandu offers granular user management which allows for designated access and permissions on a per-user per-form basis, or each user only sees their own input. Privacy and data security is paramount in the Kandu design and every DMP is hosted on an individual, containerised Virtual Private Server hosted in a state of the art data centre, with high availability options and redundant storage as part of the package.

Data can be transmitted via traditional HTTP or though SSL. Real-time reporting is pre configured on the client databoard in a wide variety of formats, and technical staff are standing by to invent any custom report, based on clients needs, that will be hardcoded and published to the databoard to be run at any time as needed.

Reports can include complex calculations performed on the data. Our technical staff are standing by to help formulate the perfect custom query. Your custom equations can then be laid out on a timeline table, or hardcoded as a constant and up-to-date source of knowledge.

Demostrated are some screenshots of the client dashboard. Click to enlarge...

  • Data tables

    View the data as it arrives and use the form editor to make any corrections on the fly, or download to CSV for inspection on excel and such. Table displays and downloads can also be stylized column by column, or joined with any other tables to form your own custom data downloads.

  • Timeline tables

    Timeline tables are stylized as desired, offering a stream of data as laid out by time of capture. This data is carefully selected, computed and returned in one easy access table that can be used for interogation.

  • Bar charts

    Clients can enjoy easy access to their information in a variety of fancy and sophisticated formats. Bars, Lines and Pies, and their variations, are all available for use, if desired.

  • Line charts

    Our clients can enjoy detailed analysis of their data over time, with constant technical support to add any feature required for the analysis. Our timeline tables are constantly being modified to calculate custom predictions, based on present day equations, we can better inform the future.

  • Pie charts

    Pie charts, Polar charts, Donut charts, and a few other deeply futuristic charts.

  • Profile Views

    Member profile views contain detailed information on each member, which can be a farmer, a school, a garden, or anything that has sufficient data attached to it. Profile views often contain survey comparisons, and member transactions recorded in a variety of timeline tables. Profiles can then be downloaded as PDF.

  • Config editor

    Long term clients are also afforded the opportunity to graduate from our form builder training program. This would simply involve an understanding of terminology and the config-editor interface, and of course, a basic understanding of efficient database design, as this design must be built for purpose of extracting the data.

Be free to contact us for any further information.